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Worldwide Apartments’ Travellers Checklist

by The Secret Traveller on August 23, 2021
Worldwide Apartments’ Travellers Checklist

Now that the worst part of the pandemic is over, many governments are lifting travel ban restrictions. This means that you can start planning that holiday you postponed last year and begin travelling again. Whether you are planning for a local road trip, staycation, or an overseas trip, it is important to be prepared. Experienced travellers are well accustomed in doing proper preparation, but new travellers will still miss some important items along the way. with that in mind, here is a basic checklist to make before starting a trip:

Worldwide Apartments’ Travellers Checklist

Book Your Trip- you should begin by planning a thorough travel itinerary, so you know where you are going and when you should book your transportation and accommodations. Book your hotel rooms and plane tickets as early as possible based on your itinerary. Make your itinerary flexible because delays and other unexpected problems can cause booking problems. If tourist attractions require entry tickets or if there are any COVID restrictions, find out in advance.

Prepare Your Documents- check your visa and renew it if the expiration date is due. Consider buying travel insurance, so you will be covered when you fall victim to theft or have injuries. If you plan to rent a car, you should obtain an international driving permit. The post-COVID tourism sector requires proper vaccination documentation before you can travel and you must get a second jab of the COVID-19 vaccination to ensure good protection against possible transmission. Unfortunately, no vaccine can provide complete immunity, so you might also need to get properly tested.

Take Care Of Your Home- if mail and package pile up in front of your front door, it’s a dead giveaway that there’s no one home, which can increase the risk of burglary. Put mail delivery on hold and reroute your packages to a friend or neighbour’s house. Consider installing an automated system to turn on and off your home’s interior lighting based on a schedule.

Pack Everything Properly- make a couple of lists of items to bring. One list is for essential items and another for less essential items. After making sure that you have packed all the essentials, you can start gathering your non-essential items for the trip. To avoid packing too much stuff, you can buy certain items, such as toiletries, affordable clothing, and vitamin supplements, at your holiday destination.

Make An Arrival Plan- many travellers overlook the importance of a good arrival plan. Remember that you will be tired, sleepy, and somewhat jet-lagged. Pre-arrange direct transportation to your hotel. Some hotels will pick you up at the airport, but in other cases, you need to use taxi or public transportation.

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