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Some Of The Most Interesting Traditions In Europe

by The Secret Traveller on November 1, 2021
Some Of The Most Interesting Traditions In Europe

Taking part in local traditions and festive events is a good way to experience a country and its culture. Europe is a culturally diverse continent with many countries, ethnicities, languages, and traditions that are unlike anything you will find anywhere else in the world. If you are planning an upcoming European holiday, these are many local traditions and events that you should watch for.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the most interesting traditions Europe has to offer:

Omelette Géante, France- held right after the Easter celebration in the city of Bessières, South France, Omelette Géante is a local tradition to celebrate the arrival of spring. The tradition began when Napoleon passed through the town and ordered locals to make a huge omelette for his troops. During the annual event, locals make a large omelette from nearly 5,000 eggs to feed thousands of visitors.

Festa de São João do Porto, Portugal- also known as the Feast of Saint John, it’s an event to commemorate Saint John the Baptist. Held in the city of Porto on 23 June, each year, it’s a mix of many sacred and unique traditions. It’s an exciting event with locals hitting one another with soft plastic hammers and garlic flowers.

La Tomatina, Spain- La Tomatina or the Tomato Fight is held in late August each year at Bunol, Valencia. About 150,000 people participate annually in this big tomato throwing event, requiring about 40 tons of tomatoes. It started in 1945 when farmers threw tomatoes to scare away wild animals that would eat their crops. Fortunately, some people were hit by tomatoes and the sporadic tomato fights turned into an exciting annual event.

Partita a Scacchi Di Marostica, Italy- the Human Chess Game is held in the town of Marostica, Vicenza with people acting as the chess pieces. The tradition started when two suitors of Linora, the daughter of Lord Taddeo Parisio, played a game of chess to make her a bride.

Eukonkanto, Finland- the Wife Carrying Race is a unique sport in Finland, with husbands carrying their wives on their back while running through an obstacle course. It’s believed that the tradition started from 19th century when a robber, Herkko Rosvo-Ronkainen, carried stolen goods on his back when he ran away.

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