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Should I stay or should I go !?

by The Secret Traveller on February 24, 2021
Should I stay or should I go !?

A pertinent question with the current COVID crisis

There is a lot of debate and comment in the media at the moment regarding summer 2021 foreign holidays, when will it be safe to travel and when can I book in confidence? This is causing a lot of angst for the traveller trying to work out what to do.

Firstly, some facts, vaccinations in the UK are projected to hit 21m by the end of February and 50% of all adults by mid March.The government expects all adults to be vaccinated with a first dose by the end of June 2021

Despite denials, it’s now clear that the UK and other governments are working on a vaccination passport for airlines and countries to accept travellers. Michael O’Leary the Ryan Air CEO has said he thinks travel will restart at the beginning of May.2021.

So we believe that you can book with confidence for a summer 2021 break especially with our early booking guarantee for any bookings made by the 30th of June, you can change your booking dates, resort or even choose a new destination without charge.

Despite while statements by Grant sharps the Secretary of State for transport it is not illegal to book your holiday, So with prices at the very best and our easy amendment guarantee why not
book ?”


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