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Self Catering or Hotel this Summer ?

by The Secret Traveller on February 24, 2021
Self Catering or Hotel this Summer ?

This Summer Should you choose to book a hotel or go for a self-catering apartment villa with a degree of control over your own space? This is the dilemma facing parents on balancing safety and cost.

We all want to get back to normal and mix with crowds, but we also don’t want to worry about being in close proximity to other holidaymakers in a hotel setting. So many families are looking to self cater whilst we have the COVID tail end of the crisis, the rationale is that they can control their own space, keep the cost down by
purchasing their own ingredients for breakfast and lunch, they can travel to a local beach to picnic and have a fun sun day. have many fantastic self-catering deals that will appeal to all budgets, so when you dip your toe in and make that decision to travel this summer search our special offer flash sales where you can get some extraordinary deals.

How do we do that? Well we are talking to our suppliers all the time, finding when they have gaps in bookings and negotiating special exclusive deals that others cant deliver. So using our negotiating skills allows us to deliver better value and remember all your monies are held in trust and paid directly to the supplier so you have complete peace of mind.


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