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Reasons to choose apartments instead of hotels when travelling

by The Secret Traveller on March 8, 2022
Reasons to choose apartments instead of hotels when travelling

An apartment service is a furnished property where the owner lets you rent it for a predetermined time, such as one or two weeks over the summer. It is often better to stay at a furnished apartment than a hotel for cost, comfort, and convenience.

There are many benefits to staying in a condominium or vacation home, whether you are a family or a group of friends. The following are some of the benefits of choosing an apartment over a hotel.

Place of residence:

Depending on your preferences, you can choose from a rustic hideaway in the mountains to an apartment.

You can either choose a secluded getaway or find a house in the city.

Accommodation size:

A serviced apartment provides you with more living space. The typical home has two, three, and four bedrooms, including en-suite bathrooms.


You might be surprised to learn that apartments are usually cheaper than hotels, especially if you stay longer than a weekend. In addition, the kitchens in flats allow you to prepare your meals, so this is also a great way to save money while traveling.

Homelike feeling

Apartments do have a homelike feeling. The kitchen is where you cook your meals, the refrigerator holds food, and the washing machine is where you wash your clothes. At home, you have all these amenities. Of course, you can wash your clothes at a hotel and eat there, but it does cost more.

Easy to plan

‘Breakfast starts at 7 am. Do you recognize this? Wouldn’t you like to have breakfast on holiday instead of waking up at 6:30? When you are on holiday, you make your own rules – when you’re waking up, when you’re eating, or whatever you want to do.

Cooking at home:

With an apartment, you’ll have your kitchen for mealtimes, so no matter whether you’re looking to make a quick breakfast or a big meal, you’ll always have access to a kitchen when you need it.

There is often a kitchen in hostels, but you would have to share it with 20 other people, which can be a hassle.

Plus, you’ll save even more money when you cook at home. In some holiday locations, restaurants are pretty expensive.

Meet locals

A stay in an apartment will likely bring you into contact with some interesting locals. Likewise, while staying at the hotel, you have the possibility of running into locals while waiting for the lift.

A city comprises its locals, so meeting them is more interesting than meeting some tourists who have a giant map and a bag full of souvenirs.


The above reasons make it not surprising that serviced apartments will increasingly be the preferred choice for accommodations in the future. Worldwide Apartments is the best place to book the best serviced apartments.



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