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Planning a World Trip? Here’s Why You Should Consider Destination Apartments for Stay

by The Secret Traveller on November 8, 2021
Planning a World Trip? Here’s Why You Should Consider Destination Apartments for Stay

Why destination apartments are a better choice for the globetrotter

What if you could have all the comforts of your home while visiting far-flung places across the globe?

Think of an apartment with all amenities located a stone’s throw away from the beach at Tenerife or nestled in the mountains in the Alps.

Destination apartments such as the Sunset Bay Club offer a great alternative to conventional hotel accommodation without you having to shell out a ton of money.

A home away from home in exotic locales

The apartments are ideal for budget-conscious travellers. Facilities such as a well-equipped kitchen let you prepare your own meals, reduce expenses and extend your vacation.

Whether you are a solo backpacker or a couple looking for a romantic getaway or planning a week-long outing with your family, destination apartments offer great value for money.

Forget the constraints of a cramped hotel room; you can now choose from a practical studio or a 1-bedroom apartment to a spacious 3-bedroom suite.

You make your holiday

If you like to make your own itinerary, then destination apartments are the perfect option for you.

Wake up at any time, rustle up some toast and coffee and take in breathtaking views such as the sunrise or sunset from your balcony.

Or head down to the beach to enjoy water sports or snorkelling or just go fishing in pristine waters. Destination apartments like the Sunset Bay Club give you the privacy and space to make your own plans as you go along, unlike a packaged tour in hotels.

Work never gets to me

A new trend that’s gaining popularity is a “workation,” which combine work with vacation.

If you are a professional looking to combine work with pleasure, destination apartments at the Sunset Bay Club are best suited to cater to your needs.

Work a few hours in the morning with complimentary Wi-Fi, relax in the afternoons and chill at the various happening spots.

And you don’t need to lug in a load of luggage as you are provided with a hospitality pack including tea bags, coffee, milk, sugar, toiletries, linen and crockery.

Every day is a vacation

Hotels are often exorbitantly priced if your length of stay extends for more than a week.

With apartments, the inverse is often true, and most will offer you a great deal if your stay is going to span weeks or even months.



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