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How To Get The Best Airport Transfer

by The Secret Traveller on March 8, 2022
How To Get The Best Airport Transfer

Entering a foreign country with no one you know can be overwhelming. The first day, especially the first few hours, passes by simply understanding and learning the local culture.

With all of the chaos going around, the last thing you want is a hectic and stressful start to your holiday trip. A comfortable and reliable airport transfer can help you start your trip perfectly.

Here are a few ways to kick start your trip with the best possible airport transfer.

Make Your Booking Online.

Making an online booking for an airport transfer ensures that you have the official booking receipt. Whereas, if you make a booking on call, you might have the satisfaction of verbal contact, but there will be no official proof from the company website for your booking.

If you are met with some problem, you will have written records of your booking to sort your way through.

Confirm The Costs

You need to ensure that you are well informed regarding the transfer costs. Many companies end up using hidden fares like airport and hotel parking price, driver service fee, toll fee, waiting fee and extra charges in the night to make money off you.

Make sure everything is above board, and the company is clear with you from the start.

Check Your Dates

Double-check the dates that you entered for your airport transfer. Very often, people mistake putting the wrong date in and causing confusion. It might be because you forgot to keep the time difference between the two countries, or maybe you confused the departure and arrival dates.

Either way, make sure that you entered the correct date.

The last thing you want is to be waiting at the airport gate, wondering why your driver did not show up and “How am I going to find an airport transfer near me now?”

Provide Contact

Make sure that you have provided your contact information to the company. Airports are generally extremely chaotic and huge. Meeting people can be very difficult without knowing their exact whereabouts.

With a proper means of communication, you and your driver can contact each other on arrival and be aware of each other’s whereabouts.

It is vital to have effective communication in ensuring that your airport transfer is stress-free and has little hassle.


Final Words


Book your airport transfers from a trusted and reliable service like Holiday Extras, where they go above and beyond to guarantee that you are provided with the finest quality of service. Whether it is a taxi, shuttles, minivans or minibus for airport transfer, Holiday Extras has it all. They make your journey easy, comfortable, and secure from destination A to destination B.

Contact them today if you want to enjoy their luxury transfers.



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