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Christmas Holiday abroad checklist

by The Secret Traveller on December 23, 2021
Christmas Holiday abroad checklist

The Christmas holidays are just around the corner. This is a time of year when more and more people take advantage of the opportunity to travel abroad for the winter. Whether you’re travelling to the tropics or a colder climate, there are some goods that are needed for each vacation. If you are worried about what to pack for your holidays, then dont worry. We’ve compiled a list of the best holiday travel items to take with you.

Before You Start Packing:

Travel basics are divided into two categories: stuff that must be brought with you on your trip and items that must be prepared before you depart. We’ve compiled a list of the most important things to prepare before you start packing your suitcase.


Before you begin packing, make sure you’ve booked all of your flights. You may need to show proof of your return ticket when you check-in, so print up copies of your tickets.

Bus, Train and Boat Tickets

Make a copy of your tickets and store them in your suitcase or day bag if you are travelling by bus, train, or ship. If you’re travelling to a nation where English is not the native tongue, you’ll be able to display these documents to your taxi driver as proof of your transfers.

Check if you need a visa.

Before booking a flight, find out if you require a visa and submit your application as soon as possible to avoid any delays in entering your destination. Some nations need you to have a visa to enter, while others allow you to travel without a visa if you belong to a specified nationality.

Hotel Bookings

Make your hotel arrangements in advance and keep a copy of your reservations for your records. With this, you can quickly check into any hotel.


Because of Covid, vaccination is essential. Make an appointment with a travel doctor and obtain all necessary vaccinations before you leave for your vacation.


If you’re travelling for a week or more, you don’t need to bring your complete wardrobe, but you should bring enough clothes to last at least four or five days. Add some unique clothes for Christmas day.

Last-Minute Gifts

Consider purchasing Christmas gifts for family and friends if you are travelling abroad to see them during the holidays.

Seasonal Tunes and Snacks

Travelling at this time of year will be a lot more stressful and emotional, so make sure to pack a lot of snacks, drinks, and other things to keep kids and adults busy. Make sure you have Christmas music on your iPod and lovely movies and games on your tablet.

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